On the Quantization of Politics and Social Relations - A Preamble

Our current means of understanding political and social relations are becoming increasingly inadequate to describe our current state. Liberalism, socialism, communism and the many isms of the last centuries are rooted ultimately in an Enlightenment understanding of classical Newtonian theory of physics. From these natural laws stemmed our understanding of how to shape and describe our politics. Yet so much has changed since the eighteenth century in physics and in society. Including the debridling of science from social science; once the fundamental starting point for social and political thought which continues to influence our way of relating to one another today.
Politics itself is changing from a classical model of absolute certainty of relations between social actors and institutions at a macro level to a quantum model of relative uncertainty of individual interactions at a micro level. Here lies the core of a new understanding of social and political relations based on quantum theory rather than classical as observed in the leaderless Arab Spring and often murky Occupy Movement. The internet creates a new social field which allows for an infinity of social outcomes since each interaction between individuals is influenced and morphed online through interactivity with thousands more interactions. Just as individual quantum particles and waves interact relative to one another to produce an infinite chaos of outcomes at the subatomic level so too do individuals and groups interact relative to each other on the internet to produce an infinite number of outcomes in the new social field. Thus the interactivity of individuals hitherto confined to the micro realm of intimate personal relationships is magnified to mass social movements and possibility of mass change in the macro realm of politics through the social field created via the internet.

More to come...